Reading The Names of Those Who Honored Us With Their Lives

I am a retired Marine that was wounded multiple times and spent over a year in the hospital. also lost over 25 close brothers due to both conflicts. I have started a not for profit called "The Fight Continues" We help educate the public on the stress military families go threw, awareness of TBI/PTSD, and help transition Vets to civilian life. The mission I am contacting you about is, we want 1.2 million names read of fallen heroes dating all the way back to 1776 to be read at 600 location across the nation on or around Veterans Day. We need the help of fellow brothers and sisters to complete this mission. Let\'s make this historic event happen. Our website address is There you will have all the information you should need. Basically, what we will need is you to have an American Flag, podium, bell, and man power to read the names.Also the address and contact person information. To send you a hard copy of the names that will be read. The usual, most location are doing is 1,750 names. Which takes about two and half hours. Some organizations have chosen to make it an all day event of reading names of our fallen heroes. All we need is an email address and name of your point of contact to send the names.

Thanks James Sperry
President of 'The Fight Continues'

National Veterans Memorial

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Clayton Community Theatre Schedule

The Plays in our 2013-2014 Season

CCT is pleased and proud to announce our next season, featuring two experienced directors making their CCT debuts.
Performance times are always
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM,
and Sundays at 2:00 PM.

Dec. 6 – 15, 2013: Room at the Inn by Steven Pokin, directed by Joe O'Connor
It is Christmas Eve in the basement of a Chicago church that sometimes doubles as a homeless shelter. It is also the midst of the worst winter storm imaginable. The roads are impassable, there is no food in the pantry, and 41 guests are about to show up (including one seven-year-old boy). Over the course of a turbulent evening, tempers will flare, miracle pizza will appear - and lives will change.

Jan. 24 – Feb. 2, 2014: Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald, directed by Joshua Cook
Constance Ledbelly – a Shakespearean scholar working on a theory that both Romeo and Juliet and Othello were intended to be comedies – finds herself transported into the worlds of the plays, where not only the endings, but the very characters themselves are nothing like she could possibly have imagined.

Apr. 25 – May 4, 2014: The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie, directed by Nada Vaughn
After accidentally running his car into a ditch during the middle of a thick fog, Michael Starkwedder finds himself walking into the middle of a murder. Richard Warwick has been shot dead and everyone in the house – including Michael – is doing everything they can to keep the police from suspecting his pretty widow who seems all too ready to confess. There's just one problem: she didn't do it. One of Agatha Christie's most perplexing mysteries.

July 18 – 27, 2014: Little Women adapted by Marian DeForest from the book by Louisa May Alcott, directed by Sheri Hogan
This adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's beloved classic follows the four "Little Women", sisters Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth March, in an eventful year of their young lives. It begins with that memorable Christmas when their mother leaves to visit her sick husband and Jo sells her beautiful hair to help finance the trip. It ends just a year later when the happy family is again preparing to celebrate not only Christmas but the return of Mr. March. In between the two events, we live, laugh, love and cry with the sisters as they go through the many trials and tribulations that have made this story a world-wide classic.

Clayton Community Theatre
Announces Auditions for Bad Seed

Bad Seed, by Maxwell Anderson, is a 1954 stage play about a perfectly-dressed, pigtailed eight-year-old cherub named Rhoda with a few nasty habits, like lying, cheating, theft — and murder. The story examines the question of whether a tendency to criminality is inherited, or is acquired from exposure to an unsavory environment, usually a dysfunctional community. In the course of the story, Rhoda's mother, Christine must come to terms with the fact that her daughter has murdered a little classmate all because he beat her out for the school's coveted penmanship medal. Rhoda lies and twists the truth even when confronted after her mother discovers the penmanship award hidden away in Rhoda's treasure box. Her mother is forced to face the notion that even in a so-called good family, evil can still grow. And the reason for this evil shocks Christine, for it concerns her own special heritage and sparks a heated debate. These are the questions that Bad Seed tackles in a frightening and memorable fashion.

Directed by Betsy Jones

Audition times:
Thursday, February 21, registration begins 6:30 PM, readings 7:00 PM.
Sunday, February 24 begins 1:30 PM, readings 2:00 PM.

Where: At Clayton Community Theatre, on the South Campus of Washington University (the old C.B.C. high school), 6501 Clayton Road, 63117.

There are roles for 11 actors:

1 female child able to portray an 8 to 10 year old girl – Rhoda Penmark

4 Women:
Christine Penmark, Rhoda's mother: age late 20's early 30's
Monica Breedlove, upstairs neighbor/landlady: 50's-60's
Miss Fern, school teacher: 30's
Mrs. Daigle, murdered boy's mother: 40's

6 Men
Col. Kenneth Penmark, Rhoda's Father: 30's
Emery Wages, Monica's brother: 50's
Leroy, handyman: late 30's or older
Reginald Tasker, writer, friend of Monica: late 40's or older
Mr. Daigle. murdered boy's father: 40's
Richard Bravo, Christine's father and Rhoda's grandfather: mid 50's or older

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

The play will run April 26 through May 5, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees.

You may download, print, fill out and bring this form to the auditions.

Here are rehearsal schedule details:

Starting March 3. Sundays 3:30-6:00.
Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30/7:00 until 9:30/10.
Tech week:  April 21 3:30-10:00. April 22-25: 6:30 call.
Performances:  April 26, 27, 28, May 3, 4, 5 (strike).

Please be prepared to state when you cannot rehearse between March 3 and tech week.

Next Month, Our Summer Children's Show:
The Little Prince.

Sheri Hogan will direct The Little Prince, written by Rick Cummins and John Scoultar from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Erin Vlasaty is the producer.


July 20-22 & 27-29, 2012.
Friday and Saturday performances at 8 PM; Sunday matinees at 2 PM.

Ticket prices are $12.00 for patrons aged 13 and up, $8.00 for those 12 and under.

Order tickets online by clicking here, or by sending email to, or by phoning 314-721-9228.

You'd never tell your child to break a leg, except ...

For The Little Prince, parents, relatives, and friends of cast members can buy, at a reduced rate, ads in the program to give a “shout-out” to their little (or big) star. Our program editor can help turn your chosen message and/or pictures into an attractive ad. Personal ads start at $10. To learn more about this opportunity, click here and open the personal-ad-purchase form with complete instructions. The printed program will be a great addition to your child's scrapbook and portfolio.

Business ads are welcome in the Little Prince program, too

Smart professionals and business owners can put their ads before a desirable demographic, the patrons of community theatre. And in this instance, the audience will include many people who love children. To learn more about this opportunity, click here and open the business-ad-purchase form with complete instructions.

Use that same form if you just want to support the theatre company publicly. We will be most grateful.

Here are the actors selected for the cast of The Little Prince.

Aviator — Jacob Blumenfeld
Prince — Sophia Chajon
Fox — Corrine Yap
Snake — Lucy Schroeder
Stage ensemble — Julie Ertmann
Stage ensemble — Ryan Davis
Stage ensemble — Jenna Moniger
King — Sydney Frasure
Conceited Man — Amanda Opitz
Businessman — Xander Ertmann
Geographer — Joe Henry
Lamplighter — Heather Alton
Rose — Kaylee Ryan
Desert Flower, Volcano, rose wall — Kelsey Fennewald
Volcano, rose wall, echo — Shaun Murphey
Volcano, rose wall — Nick vanderPluym
Rose wall, echo — Charlotte Ertmann
Rose wall — Gabby Chajon
Rose wall — Francesca White
Echo — Betsy Jones

We're Looking for a Lead set builder.

Clayton Community Theatre is holding auditions for our upcoming production of the ancient play Lysistrata.

The modern translation we are using calls for a large cast, and we were unable to cast all the roles from our auditions last week, so we are holding additional auditions this Thursday, October 4, at 7pm.

We need you to come and audition!The play was written in the 5th century BC and concerns a war protest; we are setting the play in the 1970's.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Auditions will be at the theatre, in the cafeteria, at 6501 Clayton Rd (the former CBC High School).

For more information including character descriptions, see our web site.


Here are Next Season's Plays

Every year CCT puts together a season that we think will entertain and move our audience, and the 2012-2013 season is no exception. Here’s the lineup:

  • Nov. 9-18, 2012, Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, directed by Vanessa Revard-Roman, produced by Nada Vaughn.
  • Jan. 25-Feb 3, 2013, F. Andrew Leslie’s Splendor in the Grass (adapted from the screenplay by William Inge), directed by Dani Mann, produced by Ellen and Nathan Schroeder.
  • April 26 - May 5, Maxwell Anderson's Bad Seed (adapted from the novel by William March), Directed by Betsy Jones, produced by Marilyn Albert-Hack and Sam Hack.
  • July 19-28, 2013, Enchanted Island, music by Gerald Bailey, book and lyrics by Beverly Bailey, from The Tempest by William Shakespeare, co-directed by Sam Hack and Marilyn Albert-Hack, music directed by Nada Vaughn. (Yes, we’re going to do a musical!)

Forthe last several years, our summer production has not been included in the “season.” This year it will be; if you open or renew your membership at the Subscriber level or above, your season tickets will include admission to all four shows, not just the first three.

That makes now the perfect time to purchase or renew your membership. Membership starts at only $20.00, which will get your name, and our thanks to you, in every printed program of the 2012-2013 season. Higher levels include season tickets, as mentioned above, and assorted other tokens of our appreciation.

As is true of all nonprofit theatre companies, Clayton Community Theatre depends on the generosity of its supporters to bridge the financial gap between ticket revenue and production costs. Membership and its perks are how we say “thank you” to our supporters.

Click here to purchase memberships online, or send email to, or phone 314-721-9228.

More information is at the Membership page on our web site.

Or you can print and mail in this form with your payment.

The Travis Manion Foundation

The Travis Manion Foundation is dedicated to honoring the fallen by challenging the living. As part of our mission to honor the fallen, we’d like to honor your loved one by having a wounded or disabled veteran serve a Fellowship through The Mission Continues program in his or her name.

There is no cost to you. We’d simply like to honor your loved one and challenge a returning veteran to keep your Fallen Hero’s spirit alive through community service.

As a Family of the Fallen we strive to offer your family: A way for you to honor your loved one. A community for Families of the Fallen & the service of your loved one. The chance to provide the Fellow with a stronger sense of what they are accomplishing by carrying on your loved one’s name and spirit. A stronger connection between veterans and community.

We hope you decide to join our program. If you do, please provide photos and a short biography about your Fallen Hero with the enclosed sheet.

In return you will receive photos and a short biography about your Fellow along with impact statements generated during his or her service. At the conclusion of the Fellowship (normally 16 weeks) we ask that the Family of the Fallen submits a letter of reflection about the Fellowship experience. This not only helps us with our program but also helps the Fellow by showing them the impact they have made on your family while continuing their own service and strengthening their community.
If you are interested in being a part of our Fellowship Program please fill out the enclosed information on the second page and send us back your signed copy.

Thank you again for your sacrifice and service.

Families of the Fallen Participation

"What Freedom Means To Me"

I was given a hero bracelet in the fifth grade. It has the name of a fallen soldier on it, Corporal Keith V. Nepsa of New Philadelphia, Ohio. I had the freedom of choosing the color of my hero bracelet. I chose purple to remind me of the purple heart he received for serving our country. I am now in the sixth grade and wear my bracelet to remind me of my freedom.

My bracelet means freedom. It has been bent and scratched from being caught on the little league baseball fence . It has had blood on it after I wrecked my bicycle and dirt from playing in the woods behind my house. I've cleaned cookie dough off it after baking in the kitchen with my mother. I sleep peacefully with it on. I learn at school with it on. I worship Jesus Christ with it on. I see the bracelet on my wrist and am reminded that I am so fortunate to live in The United States of America. I love my freedom! Freedom means so much to me, for without it I would not be able to wear my hero bracelet.

Like my bracelet, the cost of freedom gets bent and scratched, dirty and sometimes even bloody. Once I visited Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. where I saw row after row of tombstones representing soldiers who had to die to keep this great country free. This is when I realized that Freedom is not free!

Written 12/1/2008 by Drew Gooding, Sixth Grade, Welty Middle School, New Philadelphia Elks Lodge

Bumper stickers are $5.00 each, Profits go to support web-site, and projects to encourage families of the fallen to memorialize their son or daughter that died while in the service of America.

Please send the number of bumper stickers wanted with the appropriate amount for each, with your return address.

Send your request to;

Bumper Sticker
c/o Gold Star Fathers
1065 Flatwoods Lane
Paris, Tennessee 38242

Checks accepted. Make checks payable to Stephen R. Blackwell Sr. In memo note bumper stickers.

NAtional Veterans Memorial
To: Active Duty Personnel

The National Veterans Memorial would like to take this time and offer all active duty personnel an opportunity to pre-register for their individual star.
Dear Citizens

The National Veterans Memorial is being expanded to honor all of our country's service men and women--past, present, and future.

* National Veterans Memorial Veterans Registration Form